Michele’s TMJ Story

ImageThis weeks entry is from Michele who shares her tmj story.
I struggled through many years with painful TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), aka “lockjaw.” If you have TMJ, I don’t need to tell you about the terrible jaw pain and headaches that come with TMJ. It got so bad that I had difficulty eating and chewing gum. I experienced excruciating migraines and, most horrifying, I suffered from powerful spasms.

I decided to take matters into my hands and I researched and found many techniques that promised to get rid of TMJ. Through trial and error I found a solution.
TMJ can have a multitude of causes. TMJ can be caused by infected teeth or an infection in the jaw. Sometimes it can be a simple injury like a dentist being too rough with their patients, particularly children. I think this is what caused my TMJ disorder. Stress and poor air quality made it worse.

TMJ and bruxism usually go hand in hand and this wore down my teeth. I got a dentist-prescribed tooth to prevent more tooth damage. Not only was this device expensive but this added to the pain.  It was a vicious cycle, the more pain it caused the more I need to have it in my mouth to protect my teeth. After a few months of this I switched to the Doctor’s Night Guard, which is made of a soft rubber that adjusts to your jaw and teeth. This helped.
The pain would always increase if I was stressed. Every time I had a difficult day at work or overwhelmed with work, the pain would increase. I tried to use a hypnosis tape at night that promised to help with jaw pain.

Well, this was a complete waste of time. It was impossible for me to relax with all that pain shooting though my jaw. I then tried brainwave entrainment which helped fall asleep. But I would always wake up in the middle of the night because of the pain. The brainwave entrainment did make some difference.

What really worked for me was a change of environment. I moved from a town full of crime and tons of pollution factories to a home closer to the mountains. This place was peaceful, almost no crime, great people and was around nature much of the time. After a few weeks my TMJ and bruxism just vanished. I had no worries. The environment made all the difference for me. It’s incredible what a peaceful environment can do to relieve some health issues. Anyways that is my story.